One of the lowest strut thickness

Lowest strut (60µm) thickness among all the available sirolimus eluting coronary stents, without compromising radial strength.

Minimal foreshortening

Unique proprietary bio-degradable polymer matrix with excellent coating integrity

Uniquely designed to deliver drug at a sustained rate up to about 7 weeks after implantation, to prevent restenosis

Availability of stent length ranging from 8 to 40mm and diameter from 2.0 to 4.5mm


  • Maximus Study
  • Supralimus-Core® OCT Study
  • Supralimus-Core® PK Study
  • Supralimus-Core® Recoil Study
  • SAUDI Registry (36-months follow-up)
  • S-CORE Registry
Ref 1: John F LaDisa et al, BioMedical Engineering OnLine, 2005,4:59, Axial stent strut angle influences wall shear stress after stent implantation: analysis using 3D computational fluid dynamics models of stent foreshortening.