PTCA Balloon Catheter


Product lineup from Ø1.0 mm balloon

Excellent crossability in CTO or calcified lesions with its very low entry- and balloon-profile that has never achieved before.

New Coating Featured (TR2 Coating)

Outstanding 1st-cross & re-cross performance as well as smooth trackability.

Effective for KBT and downsizing with 2.3 Fr shaft.

- The 2.3 Fr shaft is adopted for IKAZUCHI Zero with balloons from Ø 1.5 mm to Ø 2.75 mm

- The RX lumen length is optimized in accordance with balloon size

Lumen Length 250mm: Ø1.0mm, Ø1.5mm, Ø3.0mm, Lumen Length 270mm: Ø2.0mm to Ø2.75mm


Low Profile

The entry profile of the tip is further slenderized to 0.012”. Crossability through a CTO lesion is improved and crossing a stent strut at a bifurcated lesion becomes easier.

Slender Shaft

Combination use of the low-profile shaft with a 0.010” guidewire ensures excellent trackability in delivering through tortuous vessel and, furthermore, it remains enough space in the guiding catheter so that smooth and stress-less catheter operation will be possible during a KBT procedure.

New P.T.M (Power Transfer Mechanism) Shaft

The shaft structure similar to that of IKAZUCHI Rev (0.014”) is adopted. Ideal shaft balance to efficiently transmit the pushing force of the hand to the tip of the catheter.


Low Profile

Slender tip achieved by combination of flexible material, smooth tapering and round-shaping of the entry portion. Further reduced diameters of balloons and shafts over the entire length.

New P.T.M shaft

Ideal shaft balance to efficiently transmit the pushing force of the hand to the tip of the catheter.

New Hydrophilic Coating

Advanced surface lubricity and stable durability achieved by the new hydrophilic polymer coating.



Product lineup with the balloons of Ø1.50mm and Ø1.75mm for our challenge to cross tight lesions


Higher crossability with new hydrophilic coating, low balloon profile and improved shaft specifications.*1


Preserving dilatation accuracy even after repetitive inflation/deflation. RBP: 22atm (for the balloon of 2.25-4.00mm)*2